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A Secret Rose

Under the tangles.....deep
in the hidden garden
of my soul.....there is
a bloom
of iridescent golden,
with the scent of love
folded within the petals,
a bud, waiting to be plucked
and treasured.

One has to diligently
search......to find it,
and only
the most brave dare
to venture
into my secret garden,
passing through shadowy places,
pulling aside the thorny
lifting heavy green leaves,
to peel away
veils of shadows,
clearing the gloom.

Only I know that deep within
my golden blossom is
a treasure...more precious
than rubies,
more lasting then time
From my mouth
the dewdrops of love
to moisten
parched lips... dry,
cracked from life's worry.

Carefully, my garden
has been tended,,
watered, nurtured ....weeds
cast out.
The ground tilled and
made fertile,
whilst waiting for
the right gardener,
to enter and claim the treasure,
the rightful heir
to my fortune .....of love.


Kay Elaine Ekwall
© July, l999

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