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   And There You Were....



On a cold wintry night....
          you were there by my side.
Kisses as light as a whisper, touches
          more gentle than a snowflake,
So light.......so light, they were
         almost not there.
Our golden auras touched, filling
         in the empty spaces, you in me,
                 me in you until overflowing.
A knowing that our physical bodies
         may never meet, touch in this
                lifetime, and yet we were so
         satisfied, for this moment.
You came to me, ethereal lips
         pressed to mine, longingly,
                insistently, you were here.
I breathed in your prescence, and
         feelings of desire, of madness
                flowed through my being.
Sensations of merging dispelled the
         cold, the darkness, as our cells
                combined in a firey dance of life.
We made love as only heavenly
         lovers can do, in a consumation
                of lifetimes of love, and then....

A Kiss.........and you were gone.


Kay Ekwall©1998

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