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Angels and Elephants

      Once upon a time,
I wished upon a star....
hoping an angel would
come to me from afar.

An angel to guide me....
so that I could know
where I came from, and
which path best to go.

I waited ever so patiently
for my special angel,
for me to see.
She would be beautiful
she would be kind,
she would be here
to help all of mankind.

As the years went by,
and grayer, grayer
then grew I,
looking into older eyes.
Were they now more wise?

Oh where was my angel,
I had waited for so long
and considered thinking,
had I done something wrong?

Had I loved enough
had I forgiven all?
Had I listened when
I heard life's sweet call.

Have I said, "thank you Lord,
for healthy legs to carry me,
arms that could hold...
precious moments that were
waiting to unfold.

Had I wasted too many hours
dreaming of what could be,
until there was nothing left
inside of me.

Had I smiled at strangers,
given them a chance,
to learn that they too
were part of my dance?

The older I became
I then gave up my quest,
looking for a special angel
to help me be my best.

Upon meeting my God,
I had this question to ask,
"Where was my angel,
guiding my tasks"?

God told me this story
about angels we don't see,
here is a lesson
to pass on to thee.

"If angels were elephants,
you'd be flat as a cake,
for always around you,
their prescence to make.

If angels were flowers,
you'd be steeped in perfume,
with bouquets abounding
till there wasn't any room.

If angels were songs,
your ears would be ringing
filled continuously
with angelic singing.

If angels were eagles
then you would take flight,
for all of the times
they comfort and hold you at night.

If angels were colors,
you'd be painted with blue,
green, red, yellow
and lavender too.

If angels weren't there
every moment, every day,
you wouldn't be here
asking this way.

Open your eyes and see
with your heart,
your angels are calling,
they're never far apart.

Accept their sweet love,
it always surrounds you,
their voices whispering....
You are an angel too!"


Kay Ekwall 1999©


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