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Autumn Desire

Yellow and green splotches
    against  blackened limbs
    ............swaying in the fall wind.

Crackling brown, crisp leaves
      break under my feet,bring
memories of
where once we walked
together........ laughing,
into each other eyes.......
enjoying  the crisp
fall air..... Your hand
covering mine so warm....
so big, memories
I usually brush away
in pain, I let linger and
flow through me ,......
and in me ... like the wind.

My heart pounds faster
my breasts swell
with desire, I moan...
remembering that time.

My lips feel the imprint
    of yours on mine......
    I touch them,
savoring the sensation.
  For  this moment,
I allow myself to revel  in
   the warmth flowing
         through my body...

People smile
as I pass, I secretly
         wonder if they have
known this  passion too.
The blinding autumn sun
       spashes through the trees,
   and adorns my body
with shadows.....

All resistance is gone,
I surrender to the memory
of your loving, your
taste, your scent.......

You  are gone
from me now, a gypsy
of the universe, to
another time,
another place, so
I keep on
walking and
wondering if you
remember me as I
remember you,
in ......Autumn desire.


Kay Ekwall©1999

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