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Before You

Before you I stopped believing,
stopped hoping...
all my dreams gone bad.
My heart cried in disbelief,
romantic illusions gone..
a golden leaf,
tossed in the wind
on a stormy day.

Before you....my life
seemed endless,
no meaning
as I existed in a dream
awaiting the finale
to a sorrowful play.

Before you, a song
was only a melody
with empty words,
from empty faces...
searching for their loves.

Before your magic
touched my life,
I wandered, looking
into each face,
trying not to look....not to want,
failing time after time,
tears sliding
into space.

Before you,
endless waiting stretched out
like a desert with no water,
mirages tempting..
making me crawl
only to find illusions.

And then,
you slipped into my life,
so quietly,
so comfortably..
it seemed you had always been here,
and in one magic moment
time stood still...
the sun shown thousands of times brighter,
and we rode the skies,
floated with the breeze,
rolled with the waves..
played on the moon
and loved until there was
no tomorrow....
and I forgot what it was like
......before you.

Kay Elaine Ekwall
copyright, April 12, 2000


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