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 Blue Eyes


Blue were her eyes,
bright as her smile..
beside me softly speaking.
She touched my heart
with her words...the spoken
and the unsaid.
For she is a pilgrim,
this wandering gypsy,
searching the universe
pondering her truth.

Tiny bird-like features,
under a wide-brimmed
gray fedora, adorned
with feathers
found...a gift.

Clothes hanging on her
small frame,
belied her strength
covering her like a cape.

A basket and backpack
carried she everywhere,
gathering her simple needs
taking from here to there.
She spoke of her journeys,
her search for inner peace,
and I listened intently..
for I knew she was me.

I thought of her choices,
that took her on her the path..
her simple loving attitude,
touching all that she passed.

I watched myself, observing
as her eyes sparkled,
for I could see a clear choice
for me.
She talked about religion
embracing one and all,
the best and deepest qualities
of what she did recall.

She was but a stranger
pulled into my life,
and I looked into a mirror,
the lessons that were rife.

I puzzled at the pieces,
of what I am and
where I want to spend my time,
what future for me there.
And as I watched and listened,
this angel full of grace,
quietly touched my soul,
and put me back in place.

Kay Ekwall
copyright Nov. 6, l999

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