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 Broken Hearts
          Broken Dreams
                    Broken Promises



 These are implications
          there is something to be broken
Something set in stone...
          and that is an illusion.
That hearts can break
          would indicate that they are solid, but
Our hearts are soft, yielding
          pumping life-given forces.
Hearts can't be broken
          so how can they be mended?

Dreams are desires in our minds
          of what we wish things
                    could be...nebulous at best,
Not always for our highest good,
          subject to change.
Sometimes, however, dreams need to
          be changed, like a newborn's
                    diaper...and tossed away.

Expectations of fulfillments
          came from making promises
Too many times, promises
          are flimsy, given in haste,
Mourned in leisure, at best
          a sense of security,
At worst, a cell of our own making
          creating despondency, depression
And loss.

Ending this cycle means to go beyond
          by giving love unconditionally
                    asking no promises
Enjoying the moment, llife's gift of now
          so hearts, dreams and promises
                    won't be broken....
For now is all we really have anyway.


Kay Ekwall ©1999

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