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                        Buttons, buttons, everywhere,
                                    buttons hanging in the air.
                        They are placed on you and me,
                                    to open spaces so we can see.
                        Into our minds, into our hearts,
                                    is there some leaven that cannot part?
                        Buttons are mirrors for ourselves,
                                    to look within and where to delve.
                        If you feel some hurt or pain,
                                    there is no one else to blame.
                        In each creation there is a flaw,
                                    which only helps us to recall..
                        A time in which the mightiest of men,
                                    could come through time in a bend.
                        We hide our buttons so none can see,
                                    they are trespassing on our territory..
                        But we know the best is come,
                                    when all the buttons are undone

Kay Ekwall ©1998


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