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Depleted, tired...
                 and sore,
I sift through
                 the particles,
the shreds left
                 of my life.
Picking up
                 the pieces
a major task
                 to begin again.
Tension in my body
                 mounting, then falling
waves upon
                 a wasted shore
eroded, crumbling
                  into a sea of pain.
The stark, dead
                  branches of my life
stand out before me,
                  pointing nowhere.
Icy waterfalls
                  of memories
spew freezing
                  spray into my face,
saying, wake up...
                  wake up...
and look into
                   your heart.
See what you
                   have created there
what kind of path
                   have you chosen,
and where do you
                   want to go.
Life is ALL
                   about choices.



kay ekwall  ©1999


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