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Coming From Pain


Hidden within deep recesses
of our hearts,
there are shattered places
we hold together
with pieces of wire,
glue and chewing gum
thinking these places
are whole.
We make our decisions
from these tortuous spots
even when we don't know
that they are guiding us
to our lessons.
We think we are going
towards love,
when we are really
coming from our pain,
again and again
to heal.
Choices which seem
so wonderful,
so obvious
are really smoke screens
taking us into
another scenerio,
another script for us
to playout....
for our growth.
Love for ourselves
cannot be found
in anothers' embrace.
The healing has to
come from inside.
Our relationships that
bring us to
that painful understanding
are the biggest blessings,
even though they
tear us apart.
We can then make
more choices, whether
to blame others
for our pain,  or accept
that they are simply
tools for our growth,
and thank them
for helping
us to grow.
Painful places
can become
places of joy and love
only after we can
understand from
where we are coming.
There are some
who say, "never come from
fear", or pain,
only love, but, until we
understand that we
are coming from pain,
we can't heal
that part of ourselves
and be whole.
So we draw those
to us, who are also
coming from their pain,
they reflect back
to us ours,
and the dance continues
until one partner
takes a bow
and says," the floor
is yours, I no
longer want to play.
I want to heal,
so I can come from
a place of love
inside, healed and
And then the joyous
dance begins.



Kay Ekwall©1998

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