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Daddy's Little Girl


  Here I am at fifty-five years old
     wanting my dad, for me to hold.
One last time for him to hear
     and whisper I love you, in his ear.

I think of all the time we did waste
     running past each other in a haste.
The roles he played for him were set
     so closeness for us, we didn't get.

The daughter he wanted, I couldnt' be
     the father I needed, wasn't he.
Somehow through this time we endured
     and found our love was still shared.

So at time like this, and Father's Day
     I sit and ponder, wanting to say
Dad, I 'm still that little girl
     held on your lap, hair in curls.

If I could go back all those years
     I wouldn't be sitting here in tears.
Tears of pain, feelings that I missed
     the gift you gave me with a kiss.

So with my sadness, and a prayer
     Dad, in my heart, you're always here.



Kay Ekwall©1998

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