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Dancing on the Edge of Existence

One foot raised above the other,
            Arches aching, toes clinging to the edge.
I balance ever so cautiously
            The past on one side,
                        The future on the other.
Could I only see what lies ahead,
            Could I only dare to jump into the abyss?
No thought of the morrow,
            No regrets of the past.
If a hand was offered to make that leap,
            Could I take it willingly?
                        My only garment being my faith.
My bedfellows have hitherto been my fears,
            My nightmares closing in,
                        Coloring my existence as through a veil.
And now, the dawn of transformation,
            The passage I have been waiting for,
                        And I hesitate still.
Can I let go and fly into space?
            Oh spirit, please….help me soar!

Kay Ekwall©2002

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