Debra Ann Ekwall

September 8, 1949- February 20, 1980

To My Sister, Debbie

Yes, I feel your thoughts,

Your hopes .....

Your dreams.

They're not gone,

You're not either.

Some think you are,

But we know....

you and I.

Closer then close,

How can we explain,

there are many

who won't understand,

But we do..........for

we are sisters, forver.

Debbie was the most alive person I knew...
running wildly, hair flying.
She loved life and all that was in it.
We grew closer and closer as we grew older.
We both had families and our lives flowed together,
but as we grew closer...fate had a different plan for her.
God must have needed her more then we did....
for she was killed in a car accident in 1980,
but we all miss her still.

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