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 Empty Eyes


I see you are gone...
there is nothing left inside
the pain of being
is something you can't hide.
You are so hollow now
life has chewed you up
and spit you out
You were much too frail
to be born into this world
of pain,
of despair and deceit.
I knew you when,
that time of love,
that time of light,
of youth...
when your blue eyes
glowed with the promise
the hope of life.
And now, now
you sit...
you lay in your bed
of discontent
and spittle...
and I cradle your head
in my arms
and rock you
rock you.....
as of you were a baby,
and you are
one again.
And I walk away.
tears from my eyes,
seeing yours
and they
haunt me...
live with me,
for I want to take away
your pain.
And i know this was
your life ...
and I,
couldn't save you,
as that was your path,
yet my heart aches
as I stroke your head..
and I do all I can do,
just love you,
and hope someday,
when I am old,
that someone will...
just love me too.



Kay Ekwall©2000


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