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Finding Peace

Drowsy eyes closed,
listening intently,
I hear the brook.

waters from
melting snow
cascade over rocks
in a hurry
to the sea.
Flies buzz
around me.
In the deep forest,
birds are
chittering, calling
to each other,
warning of strangers.
Strong, old trees
stand sentinel,
protect me,
surrounding my space.
Their presence quiets
the turmoil
inside me.
I take pictures of
tan, fairy mushrooms...
now in shadow,
now with lacy light
filtering through
the branches.
From down the
mountain come
the sound of
children's voices
playing in the
almost melted snow.
Sitting in this
peaceful place,
am serene, thankful,
absorbing into my soul
the beauty and
the energy of
Mt. Shasta.
The breeze flows
over me, playfully,
teasing me.
Shadows gracefully
move across
limb littered grounds
as the sun
treks across the heavens.
Once more,
I breathe in the stillness.
Brilliant chartreuse
moss adorns
the trees, sunlight
spilling around
like jewels.
Emerald healing rays
surround my heart
and penetrate
my spirit.
In this

magic moment,
makes me whole.


Kay Ekwall©1999

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