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Go Softly



Go Softly
          into the velvet night
                    my love
ere the weary sun opens

          it's blood-shot eyes
                    and sees you gone
once again..away from me.

Go softly now
          slip away in the dark
                    so you don't see me cry
into the sunken pillow
          where once you lie.

So go softly my love
          and lay the rose by my face
                    where the dew can mingle
with my tears, reminding me of your
          sweet kiss.......your smile.


Go softly now
          leaving the imprint from your body
              to stay beside me ...for awhile
to remind me of the past
          so I can dream our love will last
forever wherever you go..
                    for I will need you so.

Softly go,
          tip-toe through my dreams
                    leaving no footprints there,
no times for me to grieve
          as you were truly here,

then go softly......


Kay Ekwall ©1999


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