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Along the path of life's journey
stationed here....there
there are guideposts...
for us.
Upon reaching them,
we stop......
we ponder life's messages,
where we have been,
what we have done with our lives,
where we would like to go,
if there is a fork in the road,
which one to take.
The guideposts are subtle,
can be missed by even the most
trained observers.
Our whole lives......
our futures,
can be changed in an instant,
if we are aware and observe
those moments of choices.
It would be nice if the guideposts
had mileage charts on them...
you have come this far,
only these many miles to go..
until you are home.
They don't do that!
For that would ruin the experience
of the journey,
and we would be looking into the past
and the future solely..
not focusing on the present.
Instead, the guideposts wait for us
patiently to get there,
and, if we are ready...to point us
gently, in this direction..
or that, if we listen.
There are those who never see,
never look or hear, and their
paths are so convoluted,
and appear endless....
to rocky to climb.
For some, it is a matter of age,
that life had taught them some wisdom
and that they need to stand still,
be in that quiet space,
so they can see their guideposts.
We all have signs, quiet
whispering in our ears,
we don't always listen,
and that is ok too...
we all learn our lessons,
and head for home



Kay Ekwall ©2001

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