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There are times that I feel so low
only one action will make my heart glow,
When those that I know walk up and hug,
It really gives my heartstrings a tug.
It has taken awhile to understand why,
I'd watch others to it-then just pass me by.
A friend made me aware-the problem was me,
I'd constantly want-but not offer-you see
My thoughts drift back-too early at school,
The teacher said, "Live by the Golden Rule."
"Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you."
With that thought in mind, I'd stop feeling blue.
So, when I approach now and offer a hug,
Please return it with feeling and not just a shrug.
When you feel sad or alone, just come up to me,
I'll practice the Hug, OUR fears to set free.
When pressures of life cause me to grumple or moan,
I'll reread this poem and not feel so alone.




Bob Bergstad
July 15, 1987

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