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Home Again


                                                It hurts so much inside,
                                                I ask..."Dear God, are you satisfied?

                                                If all I am is an expression of thee,
                                                Answer me this, am I losing my sanity?

                                                And how can I relate to people who think
                                                The who I am, is what I say or what I do,
                                                Or what I look like to you?

                                                How can I tell them that more than they,
                                                Are spirit creatures come to play.

                                                Boxes inside they want me to hide,
                                                Their own are like bars,
                                                Locked and closed from the stars.

                                                And when, oh God will we be free,
                                                When one with you we're wanting to be?

                                                Home again, home again....home,
                                                And will we ever have to roam?



Kay Elaine Ekwall
                     copyright l999

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