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How Can You Be?



 How can you be
so young, so beautiful?
Your wisdom shines in you.
You speak of love,
of oneness of all,
with wisdom beyond your years.
And, I listen,
I listen intently
for the lessons of you,
passing on ,
pressing in ...to me.
Wondering all the time
how can it be,
one so young, is so old,
and who are you,
who were you.
How many lifetimes
has it taken
for you to get to
this place?
This place of quiet understanding
of grace.
Somehow I want to touch you,
to know what you know.
How did you get here,
how far do you have to go?
Are you but an angel,
not fully human,
gracing us
with your prescence,
a reminder
of what we can be.
Your soul shines out
through your glowing eyes,
touching everyone
with beauty, with love...
Upon them they lay.
For why did one such as you
come down to earth,
are you waiting for us,
to herald our rebirth.




Kay Ekwall ©Feb. 8, 2000

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