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 I Passed By A Rose

I passed by a rose today,
and I thought of you.
It's vibrant colors
spoke to me,
sweet petals filled
with dew.
It spoke to me of tears..
that flowed
from sadness in those
pain-filled years,
of heartaches imprinted
on your soul...
far too many cares
to hold.
I thought of gifts of love,
tender from your heart,
Those treasured words, shared
never more to part.
I found myself wishing,
I could send to you
baskets full of flowers,
seen in plainest view.
I wanted to send you innocence
to never have had pain,
sunny days with laughter
to make you whole again.
I thought of loves you have tasted
gone here, and then before,
and found myself hoping
love is in your life once more.
I passed by a rose today
.......and I thought of you....


Kay Ekwall© l999

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