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If I wished


If I wished upon a rainbow
would it bring you to me?
If I counted every raindrop,
tell me...what would I see.

Should I stop and touch the flowers
watered by the dew,
knowing that their tenderness,
reminded me of you?

Could a dream of possibilites
be captured in a cloud,
from the tiniest of wishes,
afraid to speak out loud.

To capture drops of my love,
in a bucket, surely, t'would overflow,
and like the storm that passes,
I wonder,how is it, you can't know.

Like bolts of lightning...your energies
dive straight into my heart,
if cupid chose to aim at me,
that'd be the place he'd start.

I wandered in search of rainbows,
and it brought me to you,
forgetting that with the blessings,
sadness blows by this way too.

As rainbows fade fast my love,
and roads wind round the bend,
my fondest desire for us,
is our vows will never end.

Kay Elaine Ekwall
copyright, Nov. 26, l999

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