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In The Soft Silence


    Mother earth opens her arms to me....
             warm is her embrace,
    "You've returned, my child"
             and I cry tears of gladness.

      I enter her womb, her icy streams...
             which cleanse my dusty feet....my soul.

     My salty tears mingle
             with the life forces rushing to the sea
                         from out of her depths.

     She decorates my body
              with unearthly music of pines,
                        whispering, sparkling lights...
           ...flickering through the trees,
      I am covered with diamonds  and rubies
                         reflecting their glory.

       The emerald velvet on her branches
            heals my spirit...my open wounds,
                       I am no longer bleeding.

       In the soft silence......my heartbeat
            throbs with the sounds of water...
                  rushing as it nurtures all life,
                          ....as I do, too.

       I give silent thanks for all those before me..
             who have fought valiantly
                   to keep her forests standing,
       the paths, saving her pristine meadows,
                         the valley......so fragile.

       Vibrant carpets of flowers greet me...
            Indian Paint Brush, Lupine,
                 Buttercups and Mountain Heather,
        they delight my heart as I take inner
                             pictures, imprinted foever.

        Wistfully.....not wanting to ever leave
                 this tranquility, I do.....
              calmly putting my life in order,
         priorities in their proper places.

        My voyage into The Mother, as always..
                        bringing me home.


                                Kay Elaine Ekwall
                                  copyright l999



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