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In The Years of Believing

"Kind sir, hae ye seen
my bonnie Rose,"said he,
 this tattered man,that
  came here to see.
"She was my passion,
   my bonnie bride
but was torn away
 whilst at my side.
Aye, she is so faire
  all hearts she'd won
Kind sir, without her
   I am quite undone.
T'was in the blooming
   of her dear life
they stormed and took her
     because of our strife.
Yea, I hae traveled
 far from my home
my journey not ending
   whilst I am alone.
No flower could bloom,
  so rare, so faire
my bonnie Rose,
   canst thou see her there?
My wedding vows ,sir
  I'll not forsake
for theres' none could e'er
   take her sweet place.
Kind sir, why can't you see
  your generous words
would comfort me.
In bloody wars
  I've won reward,
but take ye my gold,
  I've bound my sword.
Weariness o'er cometh me
  forever  traveling, I must,
for, its herein my love, she
  has laid her sweet trust.
So kind sir, please 
canst thou help me,
my bonnie Rose,oh
  where canst she be?"


Kay Ekwall©1999

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