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In Texas

Away down south in Texas

Where the cotton grows so high,

And it's limbs a' bendin,

from tree top to the sky.


Away down south in Texas,

Where the sun shines so bright,

With the heat waves a' gleamin,

And everything is right.


Away down in Texas,

Where the cowboys roam the west,

And the cows a'rangin to ever

place that's best.


Away down south in Texas,

Where the west wind blows so free,

and goes arond the corners

like a bunch of bees.

Texas will always

be 'home sweet home' to me.

Corrine Perry, written February 1931

when she was in the 9th grade

Iowa Avenue School

Mr. James St. Clair, her teacher

Raymond and Orville standing,

Loreta, Vida and Corrine sitting, Corrine oldest girl

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