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Someone wrote a book
          "The Diary of a Cat", sold
in a million dollar bookstore,
          laced with looky-loos,
sometime buyers, espresso drinkers
          visiting.......finding the latest
hot romantic novels...how to improve
          their homes, their sex lives;
while in a war,  a race is dying,
          the hot breath of war searing,
tearing off limbs, dreams of a future
          for thousands, maybe millions.
Bargain books on every isle, tempting
          plastic cups with logos, expensive
chocolates, violins playing haunting
          music.........while beautiful people
talk, the casualness of their conversations
          hiding the lies that they live.
Wonderful hideouts for the children,
          new worlds to explore, new ideas
to inspire growing minds, sparking
          their imaginations, a love of the world,
And across the world.......in hospital
          bed.....children are dying, no books
for them.......no hope, no dreams,
          their worlds are brittle, falling apart
as the world watches and shakes its' head...
          and someone wrote a book.....
"The Diary of a Cat"..........


Kay Ekwall©1999

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