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It's Too Soon


I think it’s a little too soon
to fall in love with you.

Last night my heart got broken
and I am just making it through!

I can tell that you are lonely
and I feel sorry for you

If I was healed up longer,
You can bet I’d be flirting too.

Someday I’ll tell you my story,
of what love should be,
Maybe after you have heard it,
You’ll think you’re not the one for me.

I sure like your eyes, as they shine
when they’re looking into mine.

It would be so easy, too easy
to be your clinging vine.

But I think it’s a little too soon,
to fall in love with you.
Last night my heart got broken,
and I’m just making it through.

Time has a way of healing
all our hurts inside,
I have to pick up the pieces
of my damaged pride.

 I don’t expect you’ll be waiting
so I could be with you,
and it could be so great,
but you need to have a life too.

I’m sitting here thinking it over,
of what our love could be,
but I know it’s way too early
for you to be in love with me.

Someday I might be sorry
and wish I had taken the chance,
grabbed for the golden ring,
but for now, let’s just dance.

Kay Ekwall

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