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  Life Review


Quiety into hidden places I go
        my souls' deep caverns
                        to explore.
Like an Indian, I slide steathily
        each step not making a sound
                        not leaving a mark
                                where I have been.
Tenaciously, I examine
        bits and pieces of my life
                where I have been
                        what I have done
for a clue, to where I am going.

Names, voices, faces
        from out of the mists
                parade...like actors in a play,
and I, am the director, the producer
        and the main charactor
                in the story....I have written.
Amazingly...I see that I am also,
        an actor in the plays that others
                have written for themselves,
and.........the play must go on!


Kay Ekwall©1999

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