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Life is a Flower


'Life' is a flower, spirit said to me..
Hold 'life' in your hands gently.

Do not pull life off its stem,
for it ceases to grow.
Let the beauty of life
glow for all to see.

Encourage life, loving it,
nourishing growth and promise.
Let life come to fruition, full-term
so its blossum produces seeds.

Hold life gently in your hands,
for once crushed, it will never bloom again.

The creatures, rocks, trees, air, water,
all are a flower, playing their part...
as they bring 'life' into 'being'.

Yet life is that flower,
cherish and hold its' fragility,
sacred in your hands,
sweet kisses to send it on its way.

Kay Ekwall ©9/17/05

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