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Lost in a Dream


For a moment,
I had forgotten you.
Perishable desires came
unbidden to my lips.
Into this barren desert
called life, the fount
of our love, which sprang
from the bowels
of the earth,
ceased its' outpouring,
causing death
and torment all around us.
Naked and destined
to wander, searching
in seemingly
hopeless failure
to quench our longing,
we stumbled...and fell.
Synthetic semblances of life
distracting attention away..
until, despairing
of the moment
the desert bloomed ..
fertile again,
watered and nourished
into vibrant profusions of color.
Crystal hearts surrounded
with barbed wire
as the light
dispelled the shadow realm
of forgetfulness,
bringing me home
to you.. 



kay ekwall ©1999

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