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Michael, Un Ange, Especiale


Certainly an angel...
              so special, never tired,

without failure guiding my footsteps,
              up rocky paths..and down,
gently, understanding,
              never judging-just loving.

Your energies sustain me
              and calm my spirit.
Would that I could see your
              dear face...but, it is there,
in a cloud, a tree, in that small
              flower I passed on the way.
Your love, your beauty....
              surrounds me
and permeates my soul.....with
              waves of compassion.
I weep tears of joy, in the wonder
              of this universe,
When you take my hand and we
              journey together...
You help me to become
              all that I can be,
Ma Ange, especiale, Michael.



Kay Elaine Ekwall
copyright, l998

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