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Ceaselessly....her purring
enters my ears,
relentlessly her body
clamors for attention.
Little paws knead in
ancient instincts,
shredding my bed.

Endless conversations
tiny meow talk
say, mommy, feed me..
pet me, love me.

Comforting, warm
whenever I am sick,
or sad....you
overwhelme me.

You invite my laughter
with your playful antics,
chasing imaginary mice,
and acrobatic feats,
I cannot imagine how.

Paws extended, you play
with my pen as I write,
chasing around and around
until in desperation, I
beg you to quit....

Oh Mittens, bright spirit,
how you steal your way
into my heart...my buddy,
sweet friend,
I love you.


Kay Ekwall©1999

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