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Morning’s Glory



I woke up this morning,

            too early for sane people.

the door beckoned me…….

            come, open!

Icy blasts of air

            took my breath away.

I gazed at a crimson sky

            dancing around the clouds.

Snowy mountains and trees,

            transformed into a fantasy.

Someone, I know not who,

            stole in during the night

and sprinkled glitter

            on snowy grounds.

The world sparkles now,

            pure, magically inviting.

Icicles drip, drip….drop

            their long tails disappearing,

rainbow hues scattering.



Light winds blow the stacked snow

             from leafless branches, barren now.


It feels like it’s snowing again,

            but its not,

                       only the illusion is left.


The world is so quiet…..

            you can hear the earth breathe,

and I soak in the stillness

                     ……and give thanks.




Kay Ekwall 1999

Index of Poems, Songs and Short Stories

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