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Mother Nature At Play


 Mother Nature set out one sunny day,
in a mischievous mood, to have some play.
For her normal creatures were getting so boring,
so in her leisure, silly ideas started soaring.

First, she took feathers from a goose,
covered an elephant, then turned him loose.
The spots on the Leopard, were orange and black,
she colored blue, red and green all over his back.

Sticky, prickly the Porcupine quills, but
put on a monkey, was not quite a thrill.
The hippopotami there in the zoo
used to have four legs, now only two.

Stylish Peacocks, vainly strutting uptown,
found that their feathers were upside down.
Hearing that soft, little kitties' meyoo,
she soon had him sounding like a Gnu.

Instantly heard were howls of dismay,
from all of the creatures she changed on that day.
So, with a sigh, then a slight pout,
she knew she had to straighten things out.

She worked and she righted things all around,
except the Platypus which couldn't be found.
So, if you believe this story isn't true,
how come the Platypus still looks like two?

The moral to this story, before I have to exit,
is, if it ain't broke, then don't try to fixit.




Kay Ekwall©1999

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