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My Christmas Wish

 I could wish for you..all the wealth in the world
that love would find you
and make you whole.
I could wish that your heart could find happiness
and nothing evermore
would make you cold.
I could wish for rainbows to fill your skies,
on glittering shades of blue,
touching the dreams within your heart,
this I could wish for you.
But I know I can't make a life for you,
or gather stars from the skies,
or hide the sadness in the world,
sing you a lullaby.
So I must send you some light,
prayer to angels from above,
that you can search
and find your keys to hidden doors,
unlocking the treasure trove.
I don't think there can be a perfect life,
so no promise there ,
elimination of all strife.
Beauty is found within the soul,
and love comes from the heart,
wisdom gained
from experience shared,
life is whole again.

Kay Elaine Ekwall
Sept. 1, 2000

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