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My Depression


My depression is so deep
I could not fathom a well
dug so far
for I feel the world at its end,
the cries to be here,
the sorrow to be shared,
and indeed, those who are
living it now.
How can one not understand?
if one suffers, we all suffer
for the air we breathe is the same,
the blood we spill comes from
bodies with veins like ours.
How can anyone not care
that a life had a future,
a life had hopes and dreams,
forever squashed into a pile of dust.
My depression comes from that
place within me that screams…
and I cannot be happy
knowing others suffer,
the earth, the sky, the water,
the rocks the critters, plants
and all life is being blotted out…
a dark storm on the horizon,
now overhead, now upon us,
blowing us wildly, lifting us up
and crashing us down……
nevermore a breathe of life,
nevermore a hope, nevermore a future..
only …..my depression.


kay ekwall© aug 6, 2008

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