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My Miracle Puter

My puter, my puter
couldn't be cuter.
It talks to me
works, you see
harder than
it should be.
Sadly my ram
does more than it can
my memory is full,
more than I can pull.
The puter angels have
watched over me
but it is so tired,
wants to quit,
can't you see?
This is a challenge
to junk it or salvage,
to put in a chip
more memory to sip.
My puter, my puter..
couldn't be cuter,
puts on a smile
groaning all the while.
Would a corset help it?
Cinch in to force it..
Take a deep breath,
get ready for a rest.
My puter, my puter,
it couldn't be cuter.


Kay Elaine Ekwall
     copyright l999


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