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My Puzzle



                                These familiar things
                                        I surround me with,
                                A picture, a hanging, a chair.
                                        parts of you, and you, and me.
                                They tell my story,
                                        pieces of my puzzle.
                                Where do I fit now, I wonder,
                                        is the puzzle the same?
                                The pieces feel......
                                        strange, somehow as if
                                they're not valid anymore.

                                I'm changing - what a revelation,
                                        I've done it before,
                                   ......so why wonder.......
                                But where will it lead too -
                                                        when will it end,
                                What if it never does..
                                        would I want it too?

                                So I sit and ask myself
                                        silly questions - like this.
                                Knowing it doesn't really
                                        matter anyway.
                                I think I'll just savor the moment
                                      ....and wondering...


Kay Ekwall©1998

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