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No Land

There is a place called No Land,
        that's where I am today.
It has not color or substance,
        so very flat and gray.
I am no longer searching
        for a long lost love of mine,
Since hearts that are broken
        are all that I can find.
Could I but see you now,
        so soon, I would say
That taken to No Land is where
        that I will stay.
No Land is barren, and so
       cold to the touch,
Maps that are charted there
        will not point to much.
So if you would see me,
        just look into your heart,
For that's the only place from
        which I cannot part.
I take the path to No Land,      
        my luggage is all packed,
My ticket is only for one way,

       there is no coming back


Kay Ekwall©1999


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