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  No Shells

Snails have shells so that they can hide,
from nasty creatures, turned inside.
Armadillos fold up into a ball,
fooling enemies, one and all.

Clams and oysters open just to snap
protecting tenderness where it's at.
So many of God's creatures just surviving,
but for human beings there is no hiding.

There' s a message in this fact of life,
we aren't supposed to hide from strife.
And yet, too many build their shells,
with walls and bars, creating hells.

Layers and layers of barriers there,
so none can enter, none can care.
Keeping out the joys of existence,
making all keep their distance.

Denser and thicker the walls for all
the bigger they are, the harder to fall.
If God had meant for us to hide,
we'd have shells to crawl inside.

If only people knew for pain to cease,
their only hope for love is in release.



Kay Ekwall ©1998


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