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Ode to a Blackberry



I see you there...
looking down
at me.
Haunting me
tempting me
lusciously calling....
come here. I reach for you
look into your blackness.
....It pulls me in....
You're too high
I stretch
I pull
and nothing
.....but air.....
I look up..
the sun comes around a corner
and blinds me.
And still,
you're there.
I reach for the ladder,
in a moment..
I'll have you!
Aha, you're in my grasp.
I pluck you from your womb
your umbilical cord
you are mine.
I open my mouth
but wait,
your blackness...
no longer so,
red sprinkled with green..
Was I so blind?
What now...
I am tortured with indecision.
Do I taste your sourness?
To claim the victory?
.....for what....
Do I toss you
away, in the bushess
to hide the deed?
Into the streets
so cold, so unforgiving.
Ah, the decisions
life forces us to make
.....Can you feel it.....
And if I were you
and you were me,
Would you keep me?
I hold you in my hand
I feel your wetness,
your fullness,
your promise you can't keep.
I toss you into
my berry basket,
coward that I am


Kay Elaine Ekwall
copyright l985

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