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In the valley of forgotten dreams
lying dormant in our souls,
there are hidden
 oasis' of knowledge,
love, forbidden desire,
and unfulfilled fantasies
which come unbidden, to
tantalize our memories.

Passages of life flow by,
changing and re-arranging
our patterns..
sometimes swiftly, but
othertimes slowly,
so slow we lose patience
in the process, and
make hasty decisions
which incriminate us.

Cathartic experiences
leave us weak..
 to confront ourselves,
afraid to take steps
in new directions.

Life, however calls to us,
whispering our names,
in a breeze,
singing with the brook,
in wind-blown kisses,
touching our lives..
turning keys in
unexpected doors.

Enlightenment comes
with the awareness of choice
and the paths upon which
our choices take us.

Whether we go willingly
increases or negates
the struggle in our lives,
and in personal endeavors,
widening the way,
to more expansion..
or constriction,
then ever before.

And life tarries not,
for the last curtain call,
but is
waiting in the wings
and stretches its' arms
and embraces us.


Kay Ekwall©1998

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