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   Penned Friends

If, I penned a thousand lines
And placed them all in rhyme
More than, half would be wrote
With, thoughts of you, in mind
Each time I think of hearts
Hugs, kisses, or a friend
Like stars, that fills the heavens
Your thoughts come, seeping in
They, flood me like an ocean
They, take away my every care
They, help me with my troubles
They, wipe away my tears
They, ease me with sweet memories
They, lift me when I’m down
They, soothe me when it’s needed
They, keep me safe and sound
You are my friend… sincerely
You are what friends, are for
You are my friend forever
You are my friend, for sure
We built our friendship wisely
We built our friendship sound
You’re a cherished friend… forever
I will never… let you down



By Robert Stroud Jan 9/2000



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