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Pillars of Desire

      I await ....your arrival, my angel
                here among the pillars of desire.
    My torment - neglected here;
                 You, lost in your lofty ideals,
                           Me....lost, unsure.
     I await you....longingly
              To touch you with my lips
              caress the hem of your silken wrap
     stroke your golden hair, to taste
                    the honeysuckle nectar flowing
    from the fount of your sweetness.

   Hidden, in the shadows, my illusions
       Your life has become mine, your breath-
            my breath, your heart -  my heart.

    My thoughts tempt me into a dance.....
            of passion in a secret garden
                    occupied only by our love.

     As autumn changes green oak
           burnt sienna, and crisp breezes
             heighten our senses....before dreams
     of winter lull us to sleep again,
           I await your golden love-
                your heart to open and take me
                   among the pillars of desire.


                   Michael David Coffey
                           and  Kay Elaine Ekwall
                                   copyright l999

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