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                                    What if I said TONITE'S THE NIGHT?
                                    Would you, could you die of fright?

                                    Why are you so scared of me,
                                    We both have lost our virginity.

                                    Dear one, lay your hand upon my breast,
                                    You have not sampled what's the best.

                                    Lovers come and lovers go,
                                    That's not hard for us to know.

                                    In your heart you'll know what's true,
                                    Am I the best or worst for you?

                                    I'm not promising perfection,
                                    I say this for my own protection.

                                    If a ten, you want to see,
                                    Ask Bo Derek to come to thee.
                                    Love is a scary thing,
                                    If it leaves you won-der-ing.

                                    Is she wrong or is she right?
                                    Or are we ships passing in the night.

                                    I think perhaps we've known before,
                                    And this might open us a door.

                                    A door that takes  us deep inside,
                                    Where there are things we want to hide
                                    We draw those people to us we need,
                                    The time and place to sow the deed.

                                    The challenge,  if you choose to take it,
                                    Is will you lose...or will you make it?

                                    And at lifes' end we cease to be,
                                    Will you say "Garsh, she was just for me."

                                    And I was want to pass her by,
                                    Now I'm old, how time doest fly.

Kay Ekwall ©1998



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