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To Quinn

We slumber on this planet called earth,
Playing out our dreams until we awake.

What some take for reality is simply
The waiting time until we home again go.

Quinn played his role so beautifully,
Blessing all as he went, that is my memory.

A kind word to all, a kind word about all,
Looking for the blessings, looking for grace,
Looking for the lessons in all that he did.

That deep voiced little child,
Revealed the old soul that he was.

A man, wrapped up in a child’s body,
Waiting for his life to unfold.

This life took him on many journeys,
For the journeys that seem to be with other people,
Are really journeys into ourselves.

This journey for him, is completed on this plane,
And now, now he flies, he soars and is free.

We will miss your bright spirit Quinn,
But know we will be with you again.

We love you!!!

Kay Ekwall ©2007


A writing by Quinn:


Our Goal


Our only goal is to find our souls,
The heart of education is the education of the heart,
The essence of life is not within strife.
Do not let your thoughts cut through you like a knife,
Beware of your perceptions and all of your misconceptions in the end,
Because living is like a road,
It can be straight but also has many bends,
Life can go up joyously but also spirals down painfully,
If you live in the present every moment is a new beginning.


Quinn Baker
December 27, 1999

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