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Rainbows' End


Oh Lord, this road seems so long..
        dusty, as if it will never end
but I treasure each gift
        I find round the bend.
There will be rainbows
        waiting for me
or snow-capped mountains,
        my present from thee.
Thank you oh Lord,
        for laughter in all
to brighten my days
       when tempted to fall.
Dear Lord, the miracles you've
        sprinkled on my way
remind me to thank you
        for blessings each day.
And, If I should falter,
        stumble on rocky roads
oh Lord, I am confident you'll
        lighten my load.
How brilliant your golden sun
        shines on my face
here in this magnificent,
        tucked away place.
I know I've never chosen
        the easier path
but knowing you guide me
        no fears can I hath.
In this sacred moment,
        I must stop to say..
thank you dear Lord,
        for making this day.


Kay Ekwall©1999

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