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                                                Hello out there
                                                                  my love.
                                                Our day
                                                            is yet to come.

                                                I know you are
                                                            waiting for me
                                                       I for you.

                                                But, it's not time yet
                                                            for us to meet again.

                                                Of  course, we've known
                                                               each other before.

                                                So it will really
                                                            be a re-union.
                                                Of love,
                                                        of spirit...
                                                                of ecstacy.

                                                This time is special
                                                                and we will

                                                Finally be ready
                                                         to give all...
                                                                to love all.
                                                To finish
                                                        what we started
                                                               so long ago....
                                                This time

                                                    .....my love.....


kay ekwall©1998

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