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Reaching Out




One by one, vulnerable
  tendrils uncurl,
testing, testing......
  sensing crisp air,
    golden-pink light,
Inching along, unfolding,
  accepting ascension.
Tenacious roots dig down,
  gathering nourishment
from deeper, richer soil,
 spiraling life force upwards
  attending the birth.
Sparkling, mercurical dewdrops
  form in ecstacy,
glittering, poised on
 the edge of extinction.
Chartreuse intrusions
  smoothly climb
silently inspecting
 quiet surroundings.
Birthing pangs complete,
Vermillion velvet petals
  make love to the sunrise
filling the air with
  heady perfume,
the gift is unleashed
to the world.




Kay Ekwall©2002

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