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And then....God laughed,
God rolled over...and had
a great belly laugh!
His creat-tures finally
were getting it!
The ones he had designated
the pranksters, the tricksters
had finally opened
the doors of understanding.
A doorway into themselves,
that has endless doors -
leading nowhere and everywhere.
The humans were the slowest
to comprehend, because
their egos would not bend.
They imagined they were
whole unto themselves,
sovereign entities.
The animals, birds and fish
got "it" a long time ago, in fact,
they never really "lost" it.
They knew their part in the scheme
and happily played it out.
Awakened humans finally realized
their power - that elusive power,
which all are seeking......
is simply found in the joy of existence.
...God laughed!...



Kay Ekwall©1998


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